London-based jeweller Michelle Kirana designs and creates the most unusual but gorgeous jewelry pieces like these rings for those who love to wear organic, nature-inspired forms.

Adjustable copper matchstick rings.

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An aspiring inventor of a little boy named Flint Lockwood (voice by Bill Hader), makes spray on shoes for show and tell in school, but gets ridiculed by his classmates because he can’t take them off. Later that evening, while feeling sad and blue, he gets an present, a lab coat from his mother, who encourages him to still pursue his dreams. He goes on inventing way into his teens and adulthood. Alas, most of his inventions fall flat or are utterly useless.

Meanwhile, on the island of Swallow Falls, where Flint resides, the sardine plant closes down forcing the town to eat all the left over sardines. The tasting palette and lives of the isolated Swallow Falls community becomes grey and flavorless. Leave it to Flint, now an adult, with the help of Flint’s trusty animal sidekick, a talking monkey (voice by Neil Patrick Harris), to come up with an invention to save the town.

What is this invention you ask? It’s a machine that turns water into food. When he unveils his machine and connects it to the power station in town, havoc ensues, Flint ruins the Sardineland grand opening and all the people of the town think he is a disaster hack.

After the fall-out from his debut of his disastrous invention, Flint meets Sam (voice by Anna Farris) a weather girl and fellow geek, that was sent to Swallow Falls to report on the weather. Unbeknownst to everyone his machine actually works, because within minutes hamburgers start falling from the sky.

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A pretty twist on the heart, Ingrid’s art prints are fun and unique. No two are the same.

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Sci-Fi horror flick ‘The Mutant Chronicles’ could have been a blockbuster, but weak storyline, poor acting and less than stellar special effects ruined it.

Set in the 23rd century, four Corporations rule the world and they are constantly battling one another. There has been a machine buried underground for 10,000 years, which lies beneath the border of Bauhaus Corporation and Capitol Corporation, both located in Europe, that holds a deadly disaster waiting to happen.

During a battle between Capitol and Bauhaus, a bomb explodes right above this machine, and unleashes the Mutants it holds.  This machine converts people into Mutants, whose sole purpose is to kill and return ordinary people back to the machine to be converted into Mutants. A vicious cycle indeed.

Six weeks later, the Mutants have conquered most of the world, and humans that could, have left the planet to Mars.  It is up to a group a soldiers, which include Major Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane), Brother Samuel (Ron Perlman) and Corporal Valerie Duval (Devon Aoki) to journey to the center of the machine, on what they know will be a suicide mission and blast the machine into oblivion.

Mutant Chronicles (released in 2008) is loosely based on a the role-playing game with by same name. It stars Thomas Jane (from The Punisher and TV series Hung) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and has even has a cameo by John Malkovich. If you’ve never heard of this film it is due to only a limited released and a path straight to DVD in August 2009.

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A little funny video to brighten up your weekend. This is what old people do for fun.

Part of an anti-boredom campaign by Antena.

Fashion meets architecture at the ‘Istanbul Contrast’ exhibition at Istanbul Modern — the brain child of renowned designers Ece and Ayse Ege (creators of Dice Kayek) — which opened August 26th and will run through September 19, 2010 (coinciding with Istanbul Fashion Week) with the support of Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture Agency.

The collection interprets the modern faces of Istanbul’s magnificent historical city from an opposite angle and presents the contrast of these values through 26 different designs, each garment symbolizing a different vision of Istanbul.

The ‘Kubbe’ (dome) dress, by Dice Kayek, echoes the domes of Istanbul’s mosques

In honor of our Daily Design Inspiration Frankenstein Edition we shared with you today, we thought it fitting to show you a cool Frankenstein figurine collectors item we came across.

Behold It’s Alive Lemax Spooky Town Village Figurines.

Great for Frankenstein and horror fans, for kids who are into monsters, or if you want to add to your decor during Halloween. This two piece set is only $4.99! I guarantee you, someone, somewhere, has this. We’ve made it available for you in the Gilbert Musings Goodies Store under the category ‘Products’.

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