After 9/11, a phenomenon was picked up via heat imagery by satellite in a remote location in Afghanistan. CIA agent Benjamin Keynes (Jonas Ball) pairs up with a Recon Special Ops team to find positive confirmation of this supernatural existence.

‘The Objective’ thinks it has one…but I couldn’t find it.  Initially, I was surprised an ensemble of actors who are practically no-names managed to act half way decent, but they couldn’t hold up the movie no matter what.

Before they set out, they hire a local to guide them through the hostile territory. This reconnaissance team doesn’t really know the full gist of what they are getting into until it’s too late and about four team members too short.  They are initially told they are searching for a cleric whose hiding in the mountains. Thirty minutes in, the men catch a glimpse of lights on this barren road that seems to be coming from a truck. The lights then separate and cruise up high into the sky.

The more they travel deeper into the valley the more bizarre incidences occur. Phantom noises, blinding lights, strange triangle doorways, landscapes that disappear or pick up and move where they were, visions of people who aren’t really there, are sighted only through night vision goggles. Even in the daytime. They definitely didn’t spend much in the special effects department with this flick.

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Never have a broken umbrella again.  The Senz Weatherproof Umbrella withstands up to 40 mph winds due to it’s aerodynamic shape. Quite the conversation piece when you’re standing at the bus stop.

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James McCarthy was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1956. The work of Bosch, the Surrealists, nature and the gardens, landscape and ruins of the British Isles are a great influence with music inspires him most of all.

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A dose of eye candy to highlight artworks we find for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. This edition of Daily Inspiration we highlight legendary fire-breathing Dragons.

by Kerembeyit

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When five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods for a relaxing weekend, they find an old tape recorder with recordings of demonic incantations from The Book of the Dead. Unbeknownst to them, as they listen to the tape they are in fact awakening the demons from the woods and one by one they become possessed.

Evil Dead is written and directed by horror king Sam Raimi and stars Bruce Campbell (a high school friend of Raimi’s). Sam started the project when he was still a student at Michigan State University, with the idea to produce the most shocking and horrific film in history to date; that date being 1982.

I had never seen the film prior and I was intrigued at what was considered grueling horror over 20 years ago. For its time, the film was extremely controversial for its graphic violence and gore.

I found it absurdly gruesome and quite funny. My favorite comical piece of dialogue was early on in one scene, a basement door in the floor opens by itself. Everyone is standing around staring into it and Scotty, one of the two guys says, “What’s down there” to which one of the girls replies “Whatever it is, it’s still down there”. No kidding! I simply loved the campy humor throughout this movie.  My biggest gripe is some scenes took way to long to culminate. The Evil Dead would be perfect for the Starz 30 Second Bunnies Movies. Friends go to cabin, girl gets possessed, gets locked up in basement, all friends get possessed, Ash tries to kill everyone even though he’s a woos, chainsaw, blood, end of film. Evil Dead II was actually made into a 30 Second Bunnies video…which you can see at the end of this review.

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A cute animated short from Yum Yum London to brighten up your day. If you drive, can relate to it. You’ll see what I mean.

Yum Yum is a collaborative between Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer (directors and designers) who make 3D animation, motion graphics, illustrations, styleframe and storyboard creation for broadcast, digital, print, toys, mobile platforms and social media.

Here is a sample of their work…

Want to know how to achieve your goals? In this Ted Talks video, Derek Silvers explains why it is best to keep your goals to yourself if you really want it to become reality. Take a look.

Personally speaking, I feel if someone is motivated enough, they can achieve anything, even if they share their goals and ideas with the world. Take quitting smoking. The opposite of what Derek Silvers mentions occurs. Once you have spread your goal of quitting smoking among your friends, colleagues and family, in essence you are then “forced” to complete the goal, because you’ve announced it and everyone around you is rooting for you to quit. You can’t let them down or yourself. If you cry wolf enough times about your goals, no one will believe you anymore. At least that’s how my brain works.

Same goes for finishing school. If you have announced your goal to finish, no matter how much you want to quit your classes, you really don’t want to be a disappointment in the eyes of your family.

Throw the power of positive thinking into the mix and if you believe it enough, it will happen. Sure we get excited about the prospect of completing a goal and feel good about the endeavor, but I have never felt good enough after announcing it to turn around and no go through with it. I find that quite perverse.

Do you agree with this message in the Ted Talks video? Share your thoughts.

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