Todd James: Great Adventure exhibition is currently showing at Galeria Javier Lopez in Madrid, Spain through November 3, 2010. This mark’s James’ first solo exhibit in Spain.

In Great Adventure Todd James shows us his most recent works on paper and canvas, where his distinctive cartoon-like style now depicts subjects as varied as modern day Somali pirates, anthropomorphized war machines of every type, his signature women in emotionally barren landscapes, and irreverent portraits of the personnel that Western governments, with straight faces, call “peacekeeing forces.” The raw transgressive lines of these daunting compositions are rendered in a bright palette of colors.

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Improv Everywhere has announced their ‘Mp3 Experiment Seven’ will take place on Saturday, October 2 at 6:00 PM in New York City. This is the same group who brought you the Princess Leia / Darth Vader reenactment scene from Star Wars on a New York City subway car.

If you are unfamiliar with these ‘experiments’ check out last year’s event Mp3 Experiment Six.

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Todo o Nada (All or Nothing) at the El Museo de arte Thyssen Bornemisza, brings together fifty-four photographs by Mario Testino which reveal two opposing directions in his work: fashion and the nude. These subjects are to be discovered both in his well-known published oeuvre as a fashion photographer as well as in his personal work, and the show includes a number of photographs specially taken for this exhibition and seen here for the first time.

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As if we all need another reason to eat chocolate…a little known Foodie “holiday” gives us one more reason. Today is National White Chocolate Day. In honor of this sweet day we give a recipe that is sure to leave a great taste in your mouth. Celebrate with this delish dessert and forget about your waist line for one day.

White Chocolate Creme Brulee


5 large Egg yolks
1/2 cup Sugar
2 cups Whipping cream

3 ounces White imported chocolate — finely chopped

1/4 teaspoon Vanilla extract
2 tablespoons sugar


Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 300F. Whisk egg yolks and 1/4 cup sugar in medium bowl. Bring cream and remaining 1/4 cup sugar to simmer in heavy medium saucepan. Reduce heat to low. Gradually add chopped chocolate to cream mixture and whisk until smooth.

Gradually whisk hot chocolate mixture into yolk mixture. Mix in vanilla. Ladle custard into four 10-ounce custard cups (or creme brulee cups). Place cups in large baking pan. Add enough hot water to pan to come halfway up sides of cups.

Bake until custards are set in center, about 1 hour. Remove custards from water and cool. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Preheat broiler. Sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon sugar over each custard. Broil until sugar caramelizes, watching carefully, about 2 minutes. Serve hot, or refrigerate up to 1 hour and serve cold.

Dip your spoon in and enjoy the goodness.

via/Photo courtesy of Sugar and Spice

Ana Langeheldt, (also known as Lahe), was born and lives in Seville, Spain. She tries to capture the parallel world in her head in illustrations and canvases since she can remember. Her are some samples of her work.

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Ever wonder how many people text a day or how far texting has come? Check out these facts about text messaging.

Text Messaging


The world’s longest running seance event, Psychic Theaters “Haunted! Mind Mysteries & THE Beyond.” is now in its 6th consecutive year at Scranton’s Houdini Museum. The Pennsylvania Department of Tourism has picked the building as one of the most haunted places in the state.

Haunted! Mind Mysteries & THE Beyond” tells the story of hauntings in the building at 1433 N. Main Avenue in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The city of Scranton has often been called “one of the most haunted cities in America.” The hauntings are believed to be connected to a murder, suicide and electrocution that occurred years ago in the 150 year old home.

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