The Exquisite Book is a project based on the Surrealist game called the Exquisite Corpse (similar to the old parlour game called ‘Consequences’ in which players write in turn on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution.) The book is a modified version of the game, played by one hundred contributing contemporary fine artists, illustrators, designers and comic artists.

There are ten chapters in the Exquisite Book and each chapter is a fold-out accordion of ten pages. Each of those pages has a piece of connecting artwork by one of our 100 contributors. Since each page connects to the next via the horizon line, we wanted to carry that through the book especially between each chapter. This way the entire book would be connected through the horizon line.

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A solo exhibition of new work by Neck Face (an anonymous graffiti artist, known for his frightening drawing style and humorous writings) is coming to OHWOW on October 31 and running through November 20, 2010. Into Darkness is a homecoming presentation (of sorts) for the California native, as he unveils his latest series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The exhibition opens on Halloween night with an encore production of the highly publicized performance and installation mounted in Miami, 2009, replete with a full-scale haunted house and skate demo.

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Meet David D’Imperio at the Washington Craft Show, Nov. 19-21 at the Washington Convention Center.

David D’Imperio was born in Pennsylvania in 1960. He spent many teenage summers exploring the coral reefs in the waters off the Florida Keys. His fascination with sea life and organic form has greatly influenced his work. He moved to Miami after earning his degree, and there his interest in marine science led to a patent in 1984 for an aquarium system. It was that product line that introduced him to low-voltage lighting technology.  Recently he has concentrated on the development of lightweight suspended aluminum designs.

Abacus Table Light – A halogen light source is suspended within a matrix of etched and anodized aluminum reflectors.

Copper and stainless steel details.  30” H X 6” W X 4” D.  $400.00

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Big Nickel Graphics offers really cool graphics posters of select cities railways, turning an ordinary train map into art.

The London Tube: It is usually referred to officially as ‘the Underground’. The Modern Underground has 270 stations and around 250 miles of track, making it the longest metro system in the world by route length.

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The Belgian artist, simply known as Amatic HK, produces some amazing paintings and urban street art murals. Take a look.

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“Reflection New York” directed by Paul Mignot, is one of four movies shot for “Mood Collection”. Born with the wish to film New York differently, it is a quest of pictures and portraits, a photographic research, of the night disappearing for a new day…a new beginning.

What a beautiful way to look at New York City.


Photography: Mike Simpson/Paul Mignot
Music: Ludovico Einaudi

L&M Arts Los Angeles presents Three Sculptures by Paul McCarthy, the artist’s first exhibition in his hometown in 10 years. The gallery will be featuring new large-scale sculptures, both indoor and outdoor, of all different mediums; these represent the culmination of several major themes that have run throughout McCarthy’s work for many years.

Train, Mechanical (2003-2010) is a fully automated tour-de-force that features a George Bush/pirate hybrid mounting a pig from behind, while another pig humps the same pig’s skull, finding aural penetration. This scenario then repeats itself in a figurative “train.” The work finds visual precedent in earlier sculptures with the same cast of characters and related configurations, such as Train, MechanicalPig Island (2007), Mountain (2009) and Static (2004-2009).

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