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This humorous advert for the group Língua de Trapo plays upon the famous iconic image on The Beatles Abbey Road album cover. I gather this is how The Beatles felt after their first U.S. visit which was in February of 1964. via coloribus

T-shirt Design from Threadless. ‘Types of People’ by Ben Foot. Are you a cat person or a dog person? I would say we’re a bit of both. Which type of person are you?

Simon’s Cats are cute cartoons by Simon (of course) an English animator who has a great interest in British wildlife, painting, the great outdoors and of course cats. Anyone who has ever owned a cat can relate to these funny cartoon videos… This one made me laugh out loud… Here is an interview with Simon [...]

This is great! via

Ha! This movie theater is located in Seattle, WA and was built in 1921. A rare breed.

This video couldn’t be more on point. Remember the 80′s PSA “This is your brain on drugs?” Well, this is your brain…on television. ‘Television Is a Drug’ by Beth Fulton. How much television do YOU watch per week?

We all love our mothers. Or do we? If your struggling with let’s say a not too nice mother-in-law or you just all around hate your mom (hey there’s a few out there somewhere)…then you might just appreciate these items. No disrespect to mothers anywhere…here are some Anti-Mother’s Day items you can get a kick [...]

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