Two-Faced Dinnerware Design: The Hybrid Collection

27 Feb

Can’t make up your mind when looking for dishes or dinnerware? You’re in luck. You can have two plates, or two mugs in one. This two-faced dinnerware collection designed by the Studio Hybrid CtrlZak for Seletti is for the commitment weary.

The design draws inspiration from its origins by the merger of the know-how of East and West. Each element consists two different scenes separated by a border that both formal pictorial. Parties or blue monochrome clearly call for Delftware that flourished in Holland in the seventeenth century.

Characterized by floral designs and plants, with pastoral scenes, hunting scenes or pastoral, the other part of the elements referred directly to the work of Chinese artisans and imagery. The Chinese kaolin were porcelain was developed, in Tangshan, “the capital of porcelain Bone China” the dishes Hybrid occurred.

All finishes are hand-made, like the border which divides the scenery. The Hybrid service, with an exemplary blend of  fairytale colors and unique variety of forms, make for an Alice in Wonderland vision of the dishes.

Collection Hybrid includes dinner plates, soup, dessert, bowls, coffee cups with saucers and a bowl.

The collection is available at UARE Design.

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