The City of Dusseldorf New Identity

29 Nov

Cities, as well as countries all need a boost in branding from time to time. A city’s image reflects who they are which helps boost tourism and a city’s state of mind.

The newest city to “rebrand” themselves is Dusseldorf in Germany. It seem the technological world has infiltrated the design, as we are sure you’ll notice the in-your-face emoticon, which definitely promotes happiness and well being. Take a look.

The focus of their new website is a the style of a smiley-scale logo, which shows a smiling face and also represents the first letter of the city. The smiling: D to a future contribution that the city come over personable and friendly.

This “smiling D” is as an umbrella brand that will occur on it’s own, in isolation from it’s existing city logo, a blue square which combines a stylized river course of the Rhine, and the emblem of the city, the lion.

Future application examples of logo in use:

What do you think of the new Dusseldorf identity?


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