Wieland Convertible Furniture Sleep Too at NeoCon 2012: Design That Matters

4 Jul

We’ve all been there. You walk through the doors of any hospital to visit a patient, and once in the sterile hospital room, your anxiety level raises. This is not just at the prospect of your dear friend or loved one lying there, but also at the fact the next few minutes or even hours and days both you and the patient are subject to this bland momentary existence lacking in form and function. Want to stay a while? You have no choice but to contort yourself on the one and only seemingly prison-issued chair in the room.

What you are about to see should be mandatory in all hospitals. Quality of recovery would show an amazing increase if family and friends could comfortably stay as long as they wish and lend support to the patient just by being there. Not all of us can afford a private wing you know.

Wieland Healthcare has produced this piece of convertible furniture, Sleep Too, that is a virtual family room concept. Check it out…

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