Kilodney Does Shakespeare, and other stories

4 Jun

Idea Fountain Books presents ‘Kilodney Does Shakespeare, and other stories’, a new book by Lorette C. Luzajic, about Canadian cult writer Crad Kilodney.

Kilodney Does Shakespeare, and other stories, with cover illustration by Tyler Landry.

Once upon a time, in a place very far away, the mad scientists of the divine comedy had a particularly delicious idea. And so they appointed one Mr. Name Withheld to be sent to earth to become Crad Kilodney, King of the Ill. Kilodney would create some of the strangest, sickest, and funniest literature in the history of the cosmos. For twenty years, he stood on the streets of Toronto, hawking masterpieces like I Chewed Mrs. Ewing’s Raw Guts, Blood Sucking Monkeys from North Tonawanda, and Putrid Scum. Before Kilodney disappeared from the streets, he influenced generations of writers with his do-it-yourself ethos and dozens of cult classic titles.

Kilodney resurfaced a decade or so later with an obscene series of travelogues that would kick start his resurrection. At the time, he had no idea he was about to embark on the most ambitious project of his life, rewriting the entire library of William Shakespeare’s plays as Shakespeare For White Trash. Author Lorette C. Luzajic decided to ask him where he had gone, why he came back, and what possessed him to take on an opus of this magnitude. These meandering, often personal reflections run the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking, as Luzajic ponders Kilodney and his work, Shakespeare and Chekhov, creative passion, and the absurdity of life. It is also the story of what Luzajic learns from Kilodney on what it means to be a writer.

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