Peter Bjorn and John Art Show ‘Gimme Some’ at This — Works by Jonas Torvestig

22 Sep

GIMME SOME, an exhibition featuring the work by Jonas Torvestig is opening Thursday, September 29, 2011 at THIS Gallery in Los Angeles.

When Peter Bjorn And John approached Jonas Torvestig about doing their cover for the 2011 album Gimme Some,  they had certain requests, such as sticking to objects of three, as all of their prior covers. And some thumbs up…

The fast paced tempo of Gimme Some became the true inspiration of doing a design that had attitude like punk and garage rock but also communicated the direct feeling of pop music. From this the morbid three thumb hand, colored in a pop arty palette was born.

About the time of release of Gimme Some there was need of singles artwork. With an icon-like symbol for the album, it felt natural to use the hand as a template and alter it to brand certain song titles. Second Chance was the first, then came Dig A Little Deeper. From there PBJ and Jonas were curious to see how all the titles could look so Jonas set up to design nine more hands. Now, with a total of 12 hands, individually silk screened on several layers of acrylic, the artworks will travel with Peter Bjorn And John to some unique tour locations.

Visit Jonas Torvestig’s website to see more of his work and visit Peter Bjorn and John’s blog to learn more about their upcoming shows.

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