Artist Spotlight: Interview with Illustrator D-Frost

15 Aug

Artist DFROST hails from Houston, Texas, 3rd ward (the Trey), and now lives in San Antonio. We had the opportunity to interview him and find out more about him and what influences his artwork. He gains his inspiration from people he knows and tells us he never illustrates the same thing twice.

Feel the Pain

When did you start illustrating and painting?

I started drawing and painting at the age of 5 years old. My grandmother loved everything I made.

Have you any formal art training?

I only went to school through 5th grade and never went to art school but I read lots of books from library.

What were your influences growing up that led you to graffiti and illustrating the subject that you do?

Most influences growing up was the streets. All my pictures are of people I know and I don’t make the same thing twice. All are unique and from the heart. They all have a special meaning to me and the viewer is able to make their own conclusion as to what it means to them. Most slaps include the word smile, and are to remind me to stay positive and hopefully bring some joy to the viewer. I cut way back on spraying large works; too many problems with police.

Slaps are  more discrete and my paintings on canvas are always on big canvases. I use acrylics and lots of swarovski crystals in them to bling them out. I got canvases against all the walls of my digs. I ran out of wall space and now they lay piled against the walls.


Describe your drawing style for someone who has never seen it?

It’s like an acid trip in the Trey or Compton or like mixing Hendrix with Die Antwoord with Thievery Corporation and Mariachi music together.

Where can someone see your street stickers?

My works can be seen on buses, train stops, etc in the 3city area.

Who are your favorite artists?

My favs are SEEN,Terrible T-KID, Escher. Clive Barker, All the Masters, and Lucy Dreads who has an amazing groove to her work. And so many more to name. I love em all. Arte es vida.

Which is your favorite piece you have done?

I dunno, I dig them all.

With your collaborations with other artists, how does this work? How do you guys decide what to create? Is there a specific outcome in mind, or just whatever springs from mind?

I just send them something or they send me something and it’s just a beautiful thing. My collabs with Lucy DreadsLOFLONerdAntheadKonaMssNSimian Says and many more are a soul connect. Can’t explain it. Just on the same groove. LOFLO makeS sick collabz.  I amso shy and got a lot to say, I seem to let it out through my art. It’s a look into my mind heart and soul. Peace.

Mssn Collab

Anthead Collab


Visit D-Frost’s Flickr to see more of his artwork.

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