Textile Street Art: Yarn Bombing (23 Photos)

15 Jun

Once barely heard of, yarn bombing, a type of knitting graffiti, is finally creeping more and more into the spotlight. Elements seen in the streets are covered in bright colored knitted yarn, from fences to water pipes, to trees and street signs, you name it, it’s been covered. Here are 23 cool yarn bombing photos, with deets on how to start crocheting yourself.

Since crocheting is a predominately female past time, it’s no wonder that yarn bombing is the female version of the mostly male-dominated world of urban street graffiti. Makes you wish you paid attention when your grandma taught you girls how to crochet when you were young. (It’s never too late.)

via Roxana (in China)

via stareyedInla

via holandricon

via Rochelle

via minerva13 (in Seattle)

via flynniekins1125 (in Massachussets)

via StudioWhimsy (in Washington State)

via seemii

via Ravina Sniper

via Ernst Kruize (in the Netherlands)

via Marcosavic

via Tricot Pirate

via Samer Farha (in Iceland)

via Charuloo (in Scotland)

via Mira Thoennessen

via moggsterb

via omfrans

via Sally Hunter

via Marsha Reid

via Frau Shizzle (in Germany)

via valgonzarp

via Figgles1 (in Australia)

via Ginger DJ (in Brooklyn, NY)

Crocheting is really not that difficult. It’s portable and could be done practically anywhere. All you need is a crochet needle (also called a crochet hook), some yarn and to learn this basic stitch. Here are a list of links that could help you on your way to making your urban neighborhood prettier.

How to Start the Yarn on a Crochet Hook

How to Crochet the Chain Stitch

Doing a Double Crochet

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