Everyday Plastic Bags Reinvented in Leather

1 Apr

Anytime we make a purchase, a trusty ol’ plastic bag is given to us to hold whatever it is we’ve bought. Once at home, we either toss the bag, or save it with the 52 million other plastic bags we’ve hoarded to use for dog poop, garbage, or transporting random items.

Cast of Vices has reinvented these everyday plastic bags into durable, long lasting fashion statements. Behold the ‘Corner Store Leather Bag’. These beauties are cut from lambskin leather and are super smooth. You can choose from Have a Nice Day, Thank You, I HEART NY and Recycle patterns that are hand embossed and sewn in Los Angeles.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, these bags come in two sizes.

Not exactly cheap at $178.00, but think about all the bags you won’t have to recycle and save the planet in the process. Available at the A & R Store. We’re partial to the I HEART NY and Recycle. Which would you purchase?

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