Product Design: Stainless Steel Wallet

3 Apr

You cannot get more durable than this. You might just find this on James Bond himself…the Stainless Steel Wallet. Sure there are no logos and it’s quite plain, but considering what the advantages are, you may never have to buy another wallet ever again.

Product Description: Woven from 25,000 flexible stainless-steel threads that are three times thinner than a piece of paper–.001″–for a wallet that’s as smooth as silk yet stronger than leather. Impervious to stretching or staining and resistant to corrosive salts and acids, the stainless steel is the same metal fabric used in architecture and aerospace applications for its unsurpassed durability.

Resistant to corrosive materials such as salts, acids, and seawater, the tightly woven steel also passively resists radio-frequency hacking–the latest identity theft technique that attempts to scan newer credit cards.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $89.95 (Mens), $129.95 (Womens)

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