Want to Attract a Vampire? Try Blood Concept, a Blood Scented Perfume

14 Apr

Blood Concept, a blood scented perfume has been conceptualized based on ancient mystery, fascination and uniqueness of the fluid running through the veins of humans since the dawn of man. The river of life.

This intriguing product was tested in public at Esxense – The Art Perfumery Event in Milan, an international event dedicated to Artistic Perfumery, which was held from March 31st and closed on April 3rd.

Scents range from types A, B, AB, to O. They do not actually smell just like acrid oozy blood. The perfumes have a head, middle and a base, just like in normal perfumes. The scent mixtures actually sound quite sniff satisfying.

A is unisex, with hints of green aromatics, tomato leaves and basil. B is a woodsy spice, with red apple, black cherry, pepper, pomegranate tea and patchouli. AB blends mineral, pebble, aluminum, slate and cedar wood and O hints of leather, thyme, raspberry, rose hips, and birch.

All are unisex (move over Calvin Klein), have metallic under notes, and they come with a dropper applicator. If they leave a drip trail behind, one doesn’t know. If it did, one could place two neat drop an inch apart on one’s neck and let the gossip begin.

True Blood fans, goth boys and girls, wanna-be vampires or those who just want to be different can rejoice! We just don’t know when this will hit Macy’s, so you might be waiting a while. But you can envision it. The perfume counter girls standing in the aisles, with the bottle and dropper in hand. You pass them in your rush to the handbag section and you hear “May I drop you with some Blood?” That alone would make anyone stop in their tracks.

Would you wear blood scented perfume?

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