Transmedia Design: Oliver Goulet ‘SkinBag’

17 Feb

Transmedia Artist Olivier Goulet Creator of the SkinBag

About Olivier Goulet:

Goulet is a French and German transmedia artist, whose vision resides in the crossroads of activism and human design. Through the examination of the emotional body, he decodes the principle of identity. He explores the humanity as a species in the process of disappearance (Moults, 1993 ; Boxes of hominoid Insects 1998 ; Human Hunting Trophies since 1996), he imagines the mutation of the human body, that painful journey from egocentric individualism towards an optimal collective identification and networking (The Relic of bionic man, 2001 ; Brain Rezos 2006).

Human Hunting Trophies

The Relic of bionic man

Since 2001, he continues to work on the SkinBag project, a synthetic skin medium, as a metaphorical fusion between organic and digital. Here are some of his SkinBag products…






Gives new meaning to the words ‘second skin’, doesn’t it? Any of these would makes for an interesting conversation piece. Visit SkinBag to see more designs. Check out photos from Olivier Goulet’s Protected Kisses Project and visit his website.

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