Manfried Kleinhofer’s Sculptured ‘Light Guards’ Watch Over You at Night

12 Jan

Light Guards: Manfred Kielnhofer’s Sculptural Lighting System

Designer Manfred Kielnhofer created these eery yet beautiful ‘Light Guards’, each a lamp sculpture, fabric draped over an invisible human-like shape.

Here we see Kleinhofer’s ‘Time Guard’ sculptures. What do the life-sized polyester figures represent? Are they supposed to inspire awe, compassion or fear?

The artist refuses to tell us why he created them and if we dare to peer inside their cloaks we discover only black emptiness. His light sculptures are reminiscent of monks, nuns and/or the Virgin Mary. The life-sized sculptures are equipped with energy saving lamps 32W.

These light sculptures are reminiscient of the Anna Chromy sculpture we saw in Prague a couple of years ago. (seen below).

Visit Manfred Kleinhofer’s website to see more sculptures and concept art.

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