Zombies Take Over Hollywood Movie Posters

17 Dec

Vampires, the reigning king of monsters has some stiff competition. Zombies! And they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the audiences love affair of the reanimated corpse (thanks to George R. R. Martin), its no surprise we’re starting to see a zombie takeover. They have now infiltrated Hollywood Movie Posters

Breakfast is Tiffany – The greatest Necromantic Comedy of all time.

Fight of the Living Dead Club - The first rule of FIGHT of the Living Dead CLUB?  We don’t talk about FIGHT of the Living Dead CLUB.

E.T. The Extra Terrorestrial – In Space, No One Can Hear You PHONE HOME.

Grosse – You’re the One that I Want!

Indiana Bones and the Last Cadaver

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