Illustrated Books: “Monsters: A Bestiary of the Bizarre” by Christopher Dell

16 Dec

With bizarre and fantastical illustrations, ‘Monsters: A Bestiary of the Bizarre’ provides a dark yet engrossing visual history of fearsome beasts from every age and culture.

This book explores monsters through the ages and throughout the world. Christopher Dell investigates what the existence of monsters even if only in our heads says about humankind, and explores such questions as how monsters have survived the millennia; why they are universal; and, why we find the same one-eyed giants in Japan and in ancient Greece, or the same dragons in Europe and China.

The hard-cover book has 161 illustrations, 136 of which are in color. Here is a list of what you will find inside:

• Gods and Monsters Monstrous Gods, Titans, Aztec Terrors
• Devils and Demons Satan and Demonic Hierarchies, Infernal Creatures
• Magical Monsters Alchemical Creatures, Golems, Unicorns
• Dragons and Flying Monsters Lindwurms, Rocs
• Water Monsters Sea Monsters, Leviathan, Kelpies, Sirens, Mermaids
• Transformations and Hybrids Werewolves, The Minotaur, Shape-Shifters
• Ghosts and Ghouls The Undead, Evil Spirits, Dreams and Nightmares
• Monsters of Folklore Giant Wolves, Krampus, Night Demons
• How to Fight Monsters Heroes, The Sphinx, Saints and Monsters
• Off the Edge of the Map ‘Natural’ Histories, Monstrous Peoples

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