Electrical Tape Installations by Rebecca Ward

12 Dec

Rebecca Ward uses electrical tape quite differently than the average person. She designs installations pieces with the tape and turns the ordinary product into something beautiful.

Seventeen is Sharp, Electrical Tape and Vinyl Adhesive

Artists Statement:

“The primary concerns of my work are color and space. In my recent work I use everyday materials found in hardware stores such as tape and vinyl adhesives to explore space and create three-dimensional geometrical shapes that become extensions of the built environment. I initially chose to work with tape because of its textural and adhesive quality. Tape adheres to ceilings, walls, and floors, converging with the architecture of a space.

These tape installations are mathematically calculated and thoughtfully planned; however, they are sometimes a more chaotic and sporadic investigation of the space. My two dimensional works and animations explore the illusory and geometrical complexities found by repeating and overlaying simple shapes, patterns, and lines. This perceptual play of color, texture, and light is set into motion by the viewer’s interaction with and experience of the work.”

Black Mountains, Adhesive Graphic Film

Forty-Eight, Duct Tape

Rip and Pull, Electrical Tape and Vinyl Adhesive

Rebecca Ward’s installation’s have made their home in many art galleries around the world. Have you had the privilege of seeing them?

Visit Rebecca Ward’s website to see more of her installation work.

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