The Art of Kelsey Brookes

8 Dec

San Diego artist Kelsey Brookes produces some in-your-face paintings that are sure to stimulate the eyes. Animals, skulls and cotton candy-colored shapes and swirls come across more gritty and urban than one would think. Take a look…

Kelsey at work…

Kelsey’s paintings can be seen at the Caped Creatures show at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin now through January 12, 2011. Visit Kelsey Brookes’ blog to learn more about him or website to see more artwork.

2 Responses to The Art of Kelsey Brookes



January 5th, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Powerful and unsettling, full of energy. I think you generally associate magentas and neon colors with paintings from the waiting room at the dentist, but he really turns them on their head. Also, my mind has a little difficulty connecting pictures I’ve seen of the artist with some of his paintings. He seems so laid back. I always say that the definition of “wow-ing” someone is to give them something they’re not expecting. Some of the disturbing imagery and the stark blacks challenge the sickly sweet promises of the pretty blues, magentas, yellows, etc. If I had one of these in my dining room I would have to eat in another part of the house. How could I ever find curtains, placemats and a centerpiece that could stand up to these living, breathing nightmares?



January 5th, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Laid back, yes. He also has a quirky sense about him, an aura of ecclecticity (a word I made up – but fitting) and spirituality. I think his work suits him. A contemporary/modern and minimalistic decor would allow these babies to pop nicely. In the living room. ;)

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