Nick van Woert Sculptures: Cut Open Brains, Blown Up Faces and Chewing Gum Bust

10 Nov

You haven’t seen a sculpture till you set your sights on Nick van Woert’s sculptural masterpieces, which range from cut open brains, drippy blown up faces, and chewing gum busts. Don’t worry it’s not as gruesome as it sounds. Check them out…

Untitled – Fiberglas bust, polyurethane plastic, steel

Untitled – Fiberglas sculpture, polyurethane plastic, gravel, steel

Untitled – Plaster bust and polyurethane plastic

Untitled – Plaster bust and polyurethane plastic

Home Economics – woold, polyurethane, carpet foam, steel, epoxy, sheetrock, silicone, bondo, iron impregnated glue, paint

Sugar Free – Plaster bust, sugar free gum

Mr. Potato Head

View a plethora of Nick van Woert’s sculptures on his website¬†FourteenSquareFeet.

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