Laurie Lipton ‘Punk Machine Punk’ Show at La Luz de Jesus

11 Oct

November 5 through the 28th, 2010, La Luz de Jesus Gallery presents Laurie Lipton ‘Punk Machine’ show, inspired by the¬†Steampunk movement.

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The artists states “Instead of steam, however, my devices are mostly run by electricity and madness. I was vacuuming one day and noticed the amount of plugs and cables on the floor… a veritable wasp’s nest of wires and sockets connecting a hoard of gadgets and doo-dads intertwining around the house and my life. I was trapped like a fly in an electrical web.

What had happened? Were these things making my life easier or more complex? I began with¬†The Steam Punk Pocket Watch, an absurd idea of a time piece too huge & complex for anyone’s pocket, and went whirling on from there. These machines are designed to hinder, control and/or give the illusion of technology.”

Steampunk Pocket Watch




All of these works on charcoal and graphite on paper. Artist reception is Friday, November 5th from 8 to 11 PM.

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