10 HIV/Aids Ad Campaigns: Targeting Ignorance, Scare Tactics and Genocide

10 Sep

HIV/Aids Ad Campaigns run the gamut from targeting ignorance, fear, pain, genocide, to scaring the crap out you. Here are 10 examples.

This 1980′s HIV/Aids Ad Campaign ‘Fight the Fear with the Facts’ remind us of a time when people thought contracting HIV/Aids was the same as catching a cold from others.

The following ads are made specifically to scare the begeesus out of you.

From France…

Unicef Ad

Ad from Michael Stich Stiftung. Diagnosis: The chin of Grandpa. The eyes of dad. HIV of mummy. Note: Each minute a child dies because of consequences of AIDS.

Ad from Oglivy, Russia…”Isn’t that thing yours?” Most people don’t actually know if they’re HIV or not. If they did then HIV wouldn’t spread.

From Germany for world Aids Day 2009.  Comparing AIDS to Hitler is a little over the top. The ad is quite crass, depicting Hitler shtooping a chick form behind. Really? Wow.

This ad campaign out of Lima, Peru takes it a bit too far. In this campaign HIV PREVENTION STICKER, stickers were placed on unsuspecting pedestrian’s walking the streets of Lima.  The message is a good one, but would you want to be slapped with a sticker without knowing it?  It reminds us the prank of pasting sticky notes that say “Kick Me” on kids at school.

YouTube Preview Image

This ad from Mumbai, India, upon first glance subconsciously puts drinking from a cup = contracting HIV/AIDS.  But the message is anything but that. Could be confusing to folks and send the wrong message.

“Use a condom. Because you never know who was there before you.”

Love Life Ad from Switzerland.

NHS Glasgow Aids Awareness Shower Ad. Says “He hasn’t got the balls to talk about HIV”.


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