Cool Websites: ‘Click That Link’ (August 22)

22 Aug

Don’t you love links to cool stuff you that teaches you new things, or you want to know about but never knew existed? We peruse the internet for such things, so you don’t have to. ‘Click That Link’, is a complied list of cool useful website links worth checking out.


YouTube Lean BackA full-screen feed, personalized for each viewer, begins playing. Using your enter and direction keys you can navigate the feed. No need for the mouse or for entering URLs. It’s like TV on Youtube.

CoolirisIf your lucky (only on this occasion) to have a Windows OS, then you can explore the wonderful world of Cooliris. It’s a stunning app that totally changes your viewing experience for videos, photos on Google, etc.  I cannot wait till it’s available for Mac. – Read Twitter as a daily newspaper. You can organize links shared in Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format.

PrettyMaps – Make your own nnteractive maps composed of multiple freely available, community-generated data sources.

The app pulls sets of geodata from various freely available open mapping projects and plots them atop one another. Pretty Maps grabs street-level data from OpenStreetMap (the “Wikipedia of maps”), land formation data from Natural Earth and place-name and place-shape data from Flickr shapefiles — Flickr’s outlines generated by the tags people have attached to photos taken in that place. So all the data is from crowdsourced databases and either public domain or licensed through the Creative Commons.

InstaPaper a tool that saves webpages for reading later on. This goes for images URL’s too.


Glass Door - Ever wonder what it’s like to work at a company before your hired? Well now you can find out. has company salaries, interviews, and reviews posted anonymously by employees.


Piknik - Color Picker Click anywhere on the page and get color codes for (RBG, HEX, and HSL) for all your designing needs.

Meemov - Enables you to create and share animation videos from scratch.

An alternative to Memoov is: Go Animate Make your own cartoons.

Tell Me It Sucks – Feedback on your designs. Find out if it’s good or bad from the web community.

MagCloud – Publish your own printed magazine.


Einztein - Find free courses online.

USGS – Learn about, track, and report earthquakes all over the world.

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