Movie Review: Animated Film ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ Doesn’t Fly Straight

7 Jul

A preteen-aged housefly named Nat and his two best friends, I.Q. and Scooter, stow away on the Apollo 11 and journey into space for a trip to the moon.

Fly Me to the Moon is a Belgian CGI animated 3D feature film that was the first animated movie created for 3D. Directed by Ben Stassen, it has an interesting arrays of actors voicing roles such as Tim Curry as Yugor, Robert Patrick as Louie, Kelly Ripa as Nat’s Mom, Buzz Aldrin as himself, Nicolette Sheridan as Nadia, Ed Bedgley Jr. as Poopchev.

I went in thinking it would be along the lines of any other cool animated film and I was wrong. I do not see how this was created for 3D. I watched it in 2D and saw no inkling of objects flying towards you, which are prevalent in 3D films.

There are a few but very important reasons why this film never took off.

One thing you might notice is the flies in this film really do not look like flies at all. The only way they can be associated as such is that they have wings. That’s it. Otherwise they look like little cherub-faced children. They have arms and legs and flies don’t, so a major reality fail right there.

The maggots (baby flies) are pastel peach. PASTEL PEACH! If one can make an animated film called Antz and have the ants possess the features of ants, why couldn’t this movie go the same route?

The space theme itself should have opened the door to teach younger children more about science and space travel but instead relied on the outdated stereotype of the “evil Russians” versus the American’s to entertain.  About the only thing children will learn is that you can float in space.

Usually with an animated film, adults can derive some sort of pleasure from viewing it. Either there is an injection of adult humor that flies under a child’s radar (no pun intended), or appreciate the animation, but not in this film. Sadly this is bad news for parents taking their children to see it (it’ll be a tad bland). Any adults who enjoys some animated fun this movie is not for you. It is more for the Teletubbies or Dora Explorer set.

Rating: 5/10

Running time: 84 min

Rated: G

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