Jewelry: Unique Knuckle Rings

9 Jul

Looking for something a little edgier than your average one finger ring? Check out these unique knuckle rings that will make people take notice. It should for the price you’ll pay for them.

Ring list in order from left to right…

CC Skye Crystal Mackenzie Knuckle Ring $179

Double Talon Knuckle Buster Ring $196

Elizabeth and James Silver Knuckle Ring $195

Hoorsenbuhs Double Knuckle Ring $4,405 (this one is sold out)

Knuckle Duster Ring $550

Mackenzie Gold Knuckle Ring $150

Miss Wax Gold Ring $70

Pearl Talon Ring $196

Siren Knuckle Buster $625

1 Response to Jewelry: Unique Knuckle Rings


Stone Jewelry

December 28th, 2010 at 11:45 am

A lot of these look very good, especially the ones with the pearls. The only problem I see is that they are not as mainstream as other jewelry and thus are not seen much (at least where I am from). I would actually like to see someone wear these, because like about 95% of jewelry it probably looks way better in person.

Great post.

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