Design: Origami Light Chandelier by Tangible Interactive

16 Jul

Tangible Interactive is a design house that creates full-on sensory experiences people can interact with in the everyday physical world.

For the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games  Tangible worked in collaboration with Cause and Affect on this origami light chandelier for the Vancouver House.

101 origami globes were folded by Joseph Wu (Vancouver origami artist) and arranged in a spherical pattern. A custom light system was designed and fabricated to make every origami globe an independently controllable light source capable of generating any colour combination imaginable. We worked with Danjel van Tijn on the custom programming of the lights sequence using Processing, DMX and they used their own custom Arduino/DMX board.

An interactive table also designed by Tangible had control of the light chandelier and every interaction with the table send a signal to the chandelier and made it light up in a shade of blue or green. While there was no interaction the chandelier had a simple generative pattern that animated the lights. During the two weeks it received over 5000 entries.

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