The Cloning Effect: A Look At 1980′s Action TV Series Intro’s

29 Jul

Title sequencing today is an art form unto itself, not only for films, but for a lot of TV shows as well. That wasn’t always the case.

Back in the 1980′s being different and creative in TV action series intro’s wasn’t something that was very important, in fact it seems everyone stole the same story board.

The tv series intro always included at least two of the following in the montage if not all:


  • Lead in tuxedo or formal wear as costume (or not) to blend in (or maybe to emulate James Bond, who knows)
  • Supporting character in costume (denotes being undercover)
  • A car or truck being driven or spinning out it’s tires or crashing
  • Said car jumping over a large body of water
  • A gratuitous Lead male smiling brightly shot
  • Token female supporting actress smiling or in distress or annoyed with what the male Lead has done
  • Token female supporting actress holding a gun
  • Lead jumping from high places
  • Goofy look when Lead screws up something
  • A scene in an alley somewhere
  • An explosion (usually car or boat explosion depending on locale) or fire
  • Lead flying an airplane (or some sort of airborne vehicle is shown)

It’s quite comical. If you don’t believe me take a look…


YouTube Preview Image

Tales of the Gold Monkey

YouTube Preview Image

Matt Houston

YouTube Preview Image

Tenspeed & Brownshoe

YouTube Preview Image

Hardcastle & McCormick

YouTube Preview Image

Simon and Simon

YouTube Preview Image

Thankfully (especially on cable TV) intro’s are more creative than they used to be!

Which TV series from the 80′s was your favorite?

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