Nirma Sudha Salt Illustrated Print Ads from India

30 Jul

Nirma Sudha Salt illustrated print ads from India are slightly confusing. Upon first glance one would guess it is for one type of salt that is lemony and the other a bit spicy. But the tag line throws it off. Salt that covers up flavor?

Honestly who cares…it’s the detail in the illustrations that are awesome even if they are borderline violent.

Ads by agency called Taproot India.

Tidbit: Nirma Shudh Salt is vacuum-evaporated unlike other branded salts, which are sun-dried in the salt fields and then refined. The vacuum evaporation process removes all unwanted materials and impurities to give pure, white, free flowing salt. The entire process right from pumping of seawater to the packing of crystalline salt in poly bags is totally devoid of human contact.

Nirma, which started as a one-man operation in 1969, is today rated as Indias third best brand.


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