‘Avatar to Art’ Exhibition: 3D Works by Jeff Hazelton at G. WIZ Science Museum

2 Jul

Sarasota painter and scientific animator, Jeff Hazelton, has filled the new upstairs gallery space of G.WIZ with his latest large scale work, blending both his love of vibrant colorful abstraction, and his expertise in the science of stereoscopy, to create an experience that is entirely unique.

As in the recent blockbuster movie, “Avatar,” observers will need to don specialized 3D glasses to enjoy the full effect of the artwork. The final effect causes the abstractions on the flat canvas surface to appear to float in front of the observer. The compositions consist of bold colors, geometric patterns, mixed with microscopic anatomy and “automatic drawings” taken from Hazelton’s vast sketch book, penciled while sailing around the world.

Jeff Hazelton

The 3D environments extend the walls of the exhibit space into vast expanses designed to immerse the observer into the artwork.

“My first love was always fine art” says Hazelton who is a painter, turned commercial artist in the 1990s to earn a living and gain a competency in 3D animation. BioLucid, the animation studio which he founded, has been a leading innovator in the industry, producing medical movies and also interactive video games to help educate physicians since 2001.

“A recent downturn in our medical business has led me back to my first passion, painting. The beauty is that now I have an entirely new set of creative tools that I can use to express my vision.” The work is truly on the cutting edge of technology and incorporates the scientific principles of the eye brain system, the very latest in computer animation technology, and large format digital printing.

“The time is right for this work to come about” says Hazelton. “The energy I put into my earlier landscapes and abstracts would often become too much to be contained in a flat plane, so now I feel working in 3D I can spread things out in such a way that the canvases are in perfect balance.” Speaking of his recent work which resembles the old but now incorporates the 3 planes of visual perception.

“I want the viewer to feel like they are part of the artwork, like they have been transported to a new place or are sharing a room with enchanting objects that are purely a product of their brain’s amazing comprehension of space, and my privilege to place them there. When I see them smiling, laughing, or dancing around the illusions; I know they are in that place.”

The opening reception for the exhibition will be held on Friday, July 2nd from 6-10pm and is open to the public. More information can be found at www.gwiz.org or on the artist’s website 3Dfineartist. Show runs through August 1st, 2010.

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