The Sky Factory Brings Nature Indoors With Virtual Windows and Sky Ceilings

2 Jun

Live in a studio apartment and would rather see some form of nature right outside your window instead of a brick wall? Well you don’t have to settle for that cheesy 1970′s wallpaper depicting mountains or a forest. Remember those?

The Sky Factory uses ceiling tiles to create the appearance of indoor sky and virtual windows of nature.  However, (this is a big however) if you are living in a studio apartment, your budget might not be able to afford this luxury either. Sorry.

Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows™ transform enclosed interiors into more spacious feeling and memorable environments with photographic illusions of wild natural vistas in a window-like frame. Who needs a prime location when you have this option.

Options range from Flowers and Fields, Underwater life, Deep Space, Mountains, Wildlife and Waterfalls. Not only that, you can get a full HD LED display of the ocean, with moving waves and sound for your windows as well, which is named ‘Digital Cinema’.

Check out this video that shows the HD LED window in motion…

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