The Paintings of Lane Bennion

25 Jun

Lane Bennion’s paintings are a study in composition, light and color. He transforms ordinary objects and locations into a window into time.

Bennion studied at University of Utah where he mentored under artists David Dornan, Paul Davis, and Tony Smith. He later went on to graduate in Medical Illustration. Through the university’s art program he learned the technical aspects of how to construct a painting that would invite the viewer to participate in the scene, helping to “finish” the work.

Bennion states, “The artist can set the scene, and present a few ideas for the viewer to ponder and dream about. A painting can be a dialogue or conversation between the artist and the audience.  I love it when the credits begin to roll at the end of a movie and I say to myself-I don’t quite get it….I have got to go back and watch that again!” Bennion desires to create paintings that contain this collective thought process.

See more of his fabulous paintings on his website or at Terzian Galleries.

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