Sci-Fi Head Gear Combats Bar Noise But Picking Up Chicks Gets Awkward

20 May

You shaved your goatee into two fine lines that peak at your chin. You’ve pressed your last clean button down shirt as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Before you walk out that down and head to your local bar, you check for your wallet, keys, and condoms. Hey, you never know. Your foot is about to cross the threshold out your front door, when you realize you almost forgot your…speech bubble?

A 23 year old product design student named Elaine McLuskey came up with the idea for these speech bubbles after studying hearing impairments.

Bars and clubs are noisy. If you want to hear your date above all that racket, just put on your speech bubble helmet and all background noise is quieted. Forget the fact you look like an space invader, or better yet, decided to wear your fish bowl as a Lady Gaga inspired fashion accessory. You can at least hear your date she tells you she wants to whisper sweet nothings back at your place.

This interesting product is currently on show Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Arts and Creative Industries Degree Show through May 23, 2010.

Would you wear one of these?

via bbc

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