Optical 3D Illusion Video: Impossible Motions by Kokichi Sugihara

14 May

‘Impossible Motions’ 3D Illusions Video by Kokichi Sugihara at the Global COE Formation and Development of Mathematics, Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences, in Kawasaki, Japan. Seemingly impossible illusionary tricks are soon dispelled when it is viewed from a different perspective.

It is reminiscent of the famous optical illusion, an Ames Room, in which the perspective is manipulated to distort the size of objects within it, which was shown in the made for TV movie Temple Grandin with Claire Danes, a biopic of the young autistic woman named Temple Grandin, who developed humane methods of taking care of livestock destined for the slaughterhouse and revolutionize the way cattle are handled. Great movie, highly recommended.

Not to segway…here is the link to the Impossible Illusions 2 video.

Here is another video from Kokichi Sugihara that recently won the Best Visual Illusion of the Year.

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