Cityscape Illustrations by Mandril

13 May

Talented is an understatement when describing Mandril’s intricate and detailed designs.

As stated on his website: Mandril addresses the theme of art first from a cosmological point of view. Since childhood he has felt the need to focus his overflowing energy into the design. In his latest work, it presents the urbanization apocalyptic eye penetrates into several stages, the world is represented as a distance appear blurry fog in which we sense some excitement. More recently, one enters into the complexity of a network rendered in every detail. Mandril initiates this process from photographic views taken at Tokyo since the tallest buildings in the city. The artistic process is the transfiguration of photographic realism. By reworking the impression subtly, it provides a metaphorical charge the city network.

His work will be exhibited along side Liu Quinyuan Yang Yongilang at the Urban Utopia Exhibit at gallery Stéfère Bailly Geneva on May 20, 2010. Visit his website to see all of his work.

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May 14th, 2010 at 9:02 am

These are just amazing!

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