High Fashion & High Fructose Corn Syrup: Karl Lagerfeld Teams Up With Coca-Cola

6 Apr

High Fashion & High Fructose Corn Syrup

Fashion normally wouldn’t go hand in hand with a soft drink that is fattening…but it’s ‘Lite’ so there is the loop hole. Karl Lagerfeld has lent his image to soft drink king Coca-Cola on their ‘Lite’ brand (Diet Coke), in the form of an $81 limited edition box-set. (What is this a 1960′s classic CD’s set?).

Anyway…Coke mavens, collectors and people with throw away money, will ooh and aahh over the black, white and pink case of┬áCoke (with a silhouetted Karl on its side), that contains one single bottle of Coca-Light, plus a little bottle opener that pulls out of a drawer underneath the beverage.

Honestly, wouldn’t you rather pay $16 for a four-pack of (overpriced) blood orange flavored soda drink ‘Tru Blood?

You know who should team up next…Valentino for Sunkist.

You don’t get it? Ahhh, forget it then.

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