South Florida Art Show Highlights Talent From All Over the U.S.

22 Mar

We had the pleasure of attending the Sixth Annual Coral Spring Festival of the Arts this past weekend.  Taking place at The Walk, the proceeds from the Festival benefit the Coral Springs Museum of Art and other nonprofit qualifying artistic endeavors within the community.

For all of you not familiar with Coral Springs, it is a city slightly Northwest of Fort Lauderdale, with neighborhoods geared more towards family living, than it’s single spirited, party-station neighbor Fort Lauderdale.

What started out as a potential rainy disaster, quickly cleared up to provide the perfect environment to enjoy a two-hour walk perusing artworks and craftsman from around the country.

The featured artist of the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts, was Sharon Segal, a first-grade  teacher and graphic designer, that integrates the arts into her classroom curriculum, which enhances her students experience of learning. Her painting “Coral Springs Times” was chosen as the piece to represent the show and it was emblazoned on the event t-shirts and on it’s marketing material.

Coral Springs Times by Sharon Segal

Segal is a multi-talented artist, who not only teaches, but also provides graphic services to local establishments in South Florida and paints in her free time.

Hatikva by Sharon Segal

You can see more of her work on her website.

Another artist that stood out from the rest was Ron Witherspoon. Born in Harlem, New York, Witherspoon started out with jewelry and craft design 33 years ago. With that craftsmanship experience, he started making “Fiber Art” and continued on for 23 years.

Each piece is one of a kind, by which he blends an array of fibers such as nylon, cotton, silk and other threads to create garments on sculptured wood silhouetted figures.

He is in the process of building his website and it should be up sometime this year.

Humor was not missing from the plethora of artists works’ at the show. It was provided by artist Steve Gill, who is originally from the San Francisco Bay area. Gill lives on a bus and travels around the country, attending and showing off his work at a multitude of  Art Shows and Festival. When I asked him how long he has been painting he said “Thirty three years, which is actually odd because I’m only 29″. You can see his sense of humor carry over in his cartoon paintings, sometimes twisted in nature, they cannot be viewed with a out a laugh.

Gill mentioned that not only does he have adult-oriented cartoon paintings, one thing he does at art shows, is have children tell him what to draw.  If the child wants to draw a dog, he will ask “With what kind of expression and what is the dog doing? He finds this to be a fun experience and I am sure it is for the kids as well.  The finished product is a collaboration between artist and child.

Unfortunately Steve Gill does not have a website, but he might show up at an Art Fair near you.  So keep a look out.

The last item we shall highlight is Pawcasso Painting. As the name suggests paws play a big part in this art.

Dogs lineup for a turn and get to step in paint and then create a pawfect art piece. All for $10.

Sounds cute, but would you let your dog romp around in paint?

All in all, two hours well spent. Check out the Facebook Photo Album of the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts for more photos from the festival.

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