Justin Erickson’s Low Brow Art

16 Mar

Justin Erickson is a Toronto-based artist with a particular passion for horror and the macabre that can be seen in his low brow paintings. He working primarily with a stylus and tablet with focus on graphic design, digital manipulation and employing narrative concepts in order to let his inner Creature Kid out to play.

Tender Moment

Inspired by vintage art, famous monsters, comic books and, mostly, the bizarre world we live in, there’s a sense of playfulness that shines through in his work. Additionally inspired by the music of dark electronic bands such as Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails, Justin also has a fascination with mixing (or re-mixing) organic forms with industrial shapes.

A 2005 graduate of Sheridan College’s Illustration program, Justin worked as a freelance artist before landing a dream position as a Graphic Designer for Rue Morgue magazine, which features “horror in culture and entertainment.” Since landing the gig in 2007, he’s been creating gruesome graphics and dreaming up deadly layouts alongside Art Director Gary Pullin.

In addition to working full time at the magazine, Justin regularly puts together art shows, designs logos, gig posters and album covers, as well as contributing covers and inside art for a variety of publishers.


Apis Mors Mortis

Apis Mors Mortis

 Tear Drop


Spider Pope – “Heartland”


You can buy Erickson’s prints on Etsy and visit his website here.

1 Response to Justin Erickson’s Low Brow Art


The Momster

May 31st, 2010 at 11:37 pm

Let’s see — creepy, freaky, disturbing, surrealistic, nightmarish, scifi-ish, mesmerizing, Tim Burtonesque, morbid, twilightzone-y, and mucho fascinating!!!!!

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