Can You Write on Your Refrigerator?

20 Mar

A refrigerator you can write on. No, it doesn’t exactly come like that. But it should, because it would save us all a do-it-yourself weekend. It is actually painted with that special chalkboard paint.

Links for and buying the paint can be found here, along with a how-to, and here. Thanks apartment therapy for the photo.

1 Response to Can You Write on Your Refrigerator?



March 22nd, 2010 at 2:31 am

I love this as a project!! How much fun is this?!?! I know that I tried to paint my fridge to look like stainless steel but it didn’t work. As for the writing part, I know that there is an Amana Refrigerator that is a white board so that you can write on it from the minute you get it out of the refrigerator box.

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