If, for one day, you had the power to make your world better, what would you change? This is the question the animated short film ‘Shape‘ asks of you.

See how shape and form affect you in every possible way, everyday.

Credits: Designed & Directed by Johnny Kelly. Written by Scott Burnett.


The tag line for these ads for Shapam 95.5FM radio station is “Opening your ears to better music”. While trying to convey this message, the Y&R agency designed these unintentionally funny adverts featuring Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber stuffed into (an illustrated) person’s ear.

The funniest by far is Miley’s. Take a look.


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Hsiao-Ron Cheng creates beautiful digital portrait paintings, fleshed out in hues of salmon and mint, which are bright and flowery like a breathe of fresh spring air. Here are examples…



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Don’t you love links to cool and useful websites and apps with stuff that teaches you new things, or you want to know about but never knew existed? We peruse the internet for such things, so you don’t have to. We compile a list of website links worth checking out. This is what we’ve found this week…


Healthy snacks delivered to your home or office. A range of over 90 delicious snacks , each customized, with every box designed specially for you.


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Abstract, surreal, and hauntingly beautiful may all describe the paintings of Odelia Toder. Her adept hand at frenetic color brings her paintings to life with movement and emotion. Here are some samples of her work…


9 Souls

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To have such patience it takes to draw this freehand animation installation, one must certainly be focused and almost monk-like. At least we think so. Pointillism would not be our strong suit whatsoever. However, Caleb Wood might beg to differ, since he is the creator of this masterpiece. Check out the video of the installation titled ‘Plumb’, which depicts still drawings that come to life in an animated flutter. It will mesmerize you.

Caleb set out drawing columns of free hand animation directly onto the gallery wall at Prøve Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota.

Hybrid artist Olivier de Sagazan has been creating his works of art that mixes painting with illustration, sculpture and performance art for over 20 years. Olivier de Sagazan has exhibited his world all across Europe, including Canada, Korea and Brazil, across a myriad of venues.

“I am interested in seeing to what degree people think its normal, or odd trite, to be alive.”

Here is a look at some of his delightfully twisted artwork that is akin to works of Francis Bacon, like Figure with Meat.


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